COVID19 Risk Management & Care

Estate Agent will present themselves with face mask at all times in dealing with clients.

Hands washed, and the required greeting space.

1. Property Listings

Appointments will be made for Agent to come take pictures.
Clients (Seller) can list property details online, and/or verbally disclose property situation to Agent.

2. Property Viewings

a. Client (Buyer) can meet and/or follow the Agent to the reletive

b. Properties are viewed by appointment.

c. Agent will present hand sanitizer at the onset of viewing property.

d. Buyers and Agent to enter the property with face masks on.

3. Property Sales

Offer to Purchases can be completed and send via email.

4.  Property Move-in

Stipulations will be made to the Sales Agreements, that the property is cleaned
/ sanitized before Buyer occupation.

5. Property environment

We living in a historical time – which too will pass –
Property still remains the greatest investment for the comfort and security of HOME!

Keep informed about the situation of the corona virus world wide :