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Registering a property in a TRUST

PURCHASING PROPERTY THROUGH DIFFERENT LEGAL ENTITIES TRUST Entered into between the founder or creator and people nominated by the founder (The Trustee) to administer the Trust on behalf of the beneficiaries. Which continues to exist as an en

What is a Fractional Title?

Fractional Title is a percentage share in a property. The property is sold to a number of individual owners (generally 10), with > a SHARED INTEREST in the property, and> a SHARED USAGE of the property. This ‘fraction’ property ow

What is Sectional Title?

Sectional Title is the purchase of a 'section' (unit, townhouse, flat, garage, semi) within a complex scheme. Ownership of a Sectional Title allows the owner: > Ownership of the INSIDE walls of their section / unit> The OUTER walls,