Property valuation

A combination of the following issues are taken into consideration to evaluate your property, and determine ‘true’ Market Value.

  • The nature, quality and condition of the facilities offered by this property
  • Trends in the current property market
  • Real selling prices obtained by similar properties in the area
  • Asking prices of similar properties currently on the market in the area
  • What the average buyer would be willing to pay for this or a similar property with similar features and facilities
  • Supply and Demand, which favours a Buyers Market                                

Valuation Pyramid

In addition to the location and condition of your property, other important variables will influence the price you will receive - Some of those variables are time and terms offered.

Ideally, you should place your Property as close to the bottom of the triangle as possible. By doing so, you will be getting maximum exposure and more importantly the BEST price for your investment.

Property Listing