All properties pay RATES to the local municipality, that govern and service the area.  The Hibiscus South Coast falls under the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality 

Rates are calculated on the ‘Market Valuation’ of a property, for a period of 5 years, when new valuations are given.

The calculation, and payment of rates is worked over a 10 month period of a financial year – June / July are the months that rates are not charged.  One can pay ones rates per month, or monthly.

Pensioners are offered a ‘discount’ on their rates.

Every registered property in a Town planing scheme is rated.

Full Title properties and Sectional Title properties all pay their rates.  The Municipality has a legal right to detach / repossess properties to claim unpaid rates over the property.

The Rates Department give owners a period of time to make RATES OBJECTIONS if they feel the ‘Market Valuation’ given to their property is unjust and/or not realistic to current market prices, and/or changing situation of their property – Properties are revalued every 5 years.

The Municipal Rate Valuation on ones property gives agents, and prospective buyers, a good idea of the Market Value of ones property for sale, as being a good indication of what the market is achieving in ones area.

Prop@T has been successful in the Rates Valuation Tribunal in supporting Market Value in assisting with Rates Objections – and write off’s of interest on arrears accounts.

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