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Type of property ownership

Type of property ownership …

 As a PROPERTY OWNER you have options and can enjoy financial leverage and stability.

The value of property doesn’t depreciate over time, but keeps up with inflation or exceeds it in terms of growth.

Purchasing property can be a tax shelter…

Types of Property Ownership:

> Full Title

Absolute ownership over the property, as defined by property title deed

> Sectional Title

Is the purchase of a unit in a scheme, and joint ownership of the common property, that can be enjoyed and used by all owners in the scheme?

> Share Block

Is the sale of shares in a share block company that entitles one the right to use and occupy a specific property? A shareholder does not become the owner of the property.

> Fractional Title

Is a percentage share in a property which is sold to a number of individuals, with a shared interest in the property to enjoy the privileges of scheduled property use, and ‘fraction’ in property ownership?

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